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  • Opposes the Enbridge pipeline
  • Radical

Does fighting to keep our Pacific coast
oil-spill-free make you a “radical”? That’s what Stephen Harper’s Conservatives say.

They want to help Enbridge Inc. build a pipeline from the oilsands to BC’s pristine north coast—to ship raw bitumen overseas in giant supertankers.

Even a modest spill in these northern waters would contaminate this coast for decades—wreaking havoc on fisheries, tourism and First Nations communities.

The so-called Northern Gateway pipeline imposes unacceptable risks—yet the Conservatives still say only “radicals” oppose it.

So, can we count you in?

Sign on against the pipeline:

Bitumen to be shipped

525,000 barrels/day

Inland waterways crossed


Fisheries & tourism jobs at risk


Processing jobs forgone


First Nations opposing pipeline


Risk of coastal spill:


Bitumen to be shipped

525,000 barrels/day

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